• Ammo Pouches
    MultiCam Ammo Pouches
    Coyote Tan Ammo Pouches
    A-TACS AU Ammo Pouches
    A-TACS FG Ammo Pouches
  • Utility Pouches
    MultiCam Utility Pouches
    Coyote Tan Utility Pouches
    A-TACS AU Utility Pouches
    A-TACS FG Utility Pouches
  • Armour Carriers
    Raptor Releasable Plate Carrier & Combos
    RICAS Compact Plate Carrier & Combos
    DCS Plate Carrier & Combos
    Side Armour Pouch
  • Chest Rigs
    Back Panel
    901 Chest Rig
    Light Assault Rig
  • Belts and Harnesses
    Slimline Harness
    Low Profile Harness
    MOLLE Harness
    Enhanced PLB Belt
    Frag Belt
    Duty belt
    Riggers belt
    Cobra Riggers belt
  • Slings and Lanyards
    Quick Release Sling (QRS)
    Single Point Bungee Sling (SPBS)
    Personal Retention Lanyard
    Tactical Pistol Lanyard
  • Bags and Packs
    Small Hydration Carrier
    Hydration Carrier (Special Order)
    Hydration Carrier Gen 2
    Cargo Pack
    Grab Bag
    Pegasus Pack
    Assault Pack (Special Order)
    Predator Pack
    Helmet Cargo Pack
    Crusader Pack (Special Order)
    X300 Pack
    BMF Bergen
    Deployment Bag on wheels
  • Merchandise
    Warrior Logo Carry Bag
    Velcro Patches
    Rubber Velcro Patches
    Warrior Ball Point Pen

Chest Rigs