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Patrol Belt Kit MultiCam


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Warriors Patrol Belt Kit (PBK) Comprises our new Hip Belt featuring Warriors Proprietary padded 3D Spacer Mesh which offers exceptional comfort and cooling. In addition our new Patent Pending EMC triple mag pouch offers fast single handed operation. All Utility pouches are lined and include ITW IR quick release clips. Extra rows of webbing are featured on the top and sides for attachment of addition pouches such as Frags, Smokes or Small Utility items. Our new enhanced Harness is manufactured using our 3D Mesh, which is double layered on the shoulders for unparalleled comfortable and as with the belt allows heat to evaporate form the back with great efficiency.
This PBK also accommodates padded sections around the upper thigh area, reducing contact with the body and creating extra comfort when adopting a kneeling fire position.
The base belt is covered in Genuine Crye Multicam webbing individually sewn with heavy duty bartacks. Includes high strength COBRA Metal Colour coded Quick Release Buckle and fully adjustable US Mil Spec inner waist belt. Compatible with all Warrior’s modular pouches, allowing the operator to configure their equipment to suit any additional operational needs.

2 x EMC dedicated 3 magazine 5.56 NATO pouches
Medium Belt 4 x General Utility Pouches
Large Belt 5 x General Utility Pouches
Padded 3D Mesh MOLLE Belt
Metal COBRA quick release buckle
3D Mesh 6 point Harness
Removable waterproof liners
Mil Spec Crye Multicam materials

Medium 29″ (74cm) to 33″ (83.5cm)
Large 33″ (83.5cm) to 38″ (96.5cm)

Medium 1.95kg (4.29lbs)
Large 2.1kg (4.62lbs)

500D Nylon Performance Specifications

  • Weight: 7.1 Ounces per Square Yard
  • Tensile Strength: Warp 453 lbs / Fill 348 lbs
  • Tears Strength: Warp 14.1 + lbs / Fill 14.1 + lbs
  • Abrasion: Wear Cycles 1955
  • Water Repellency: 100%


Thread quality is fundamental to the construction, durability and strength of tactical equipment.

Two factors have a negative impact on the life Span of threads

1) Mildew is one of the most common factors in the deterioration of military kit, causing it to rot and ultimately results in unacceptable failure.

2) Sunlight has a harmful effect on the performance of threads, and over time causes their deterioration.

Warrior only uses the highest quality US Mil Spec nylon threads imported from the USA which are threated against both UV and Mildew.

Infra-Red Properties

All our Clips, Fabrics, Plastic Hardware, Threads and MultiCam/Coyote Webbing are treated at source to deliver the lowest I.R. Signature possible.

Plastic Hardware

Warrior only uses the highest quality ITW Military rated Clips and accessories imported from the USA.